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01:47pm 30/10/2009
   Русскоязычное сообщество поклонников THE CULT! ru_cult  
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Secret IAN ASTBURY Show in Hollywood TONIGHT!!!!!! 
05:46pm 27/02/2006
mood: determined
OK - I might have to pull it together and try to make it to this.

From the Cult bulletin on my space:

LA area fans looking for a glimpse of what to expect on the upcoming tour just might want to head down to Cinespace tonight - 6356 Hollywood Blvd. at Ivar...our man Ian will be there with a few "friends"...

Ian Astbury with CFFC
The Chelsea Smiles
Special Guest Mark the Cobra Snake (Who who and who?)
Dj Diabetic
Dj Adki (again, who and who?)

Tickets are $20, doors open at 10, show starts at 11.

FUCK!!!! Like I can afford this. Like I'm really well enough to go. Like the rain isn't pissing outside and there's car wrecks all over. Like I don't have to get up to go to the classes I am failing tmrw. Like I give a rat's ass!!! It's Ian!!! And I did miss the Craig Ferguson performance, and Hollywood Blvd is a lot closer than CBS Studios.

OK - I need to use the force. LOL. My shoulder hurts so freaking bad. I woke up and couldn't move my neck. I'm hoping I don't have menengitus, since it's going around campus, and a stiff neck is a symptom. But my throat isn't sore anymore, and my nose isn't as congested, and I'm able to cough up the crap in my throat, so I'm not quite as wheezy. Argh, if I go out in the cold I could get worse. If I don't, I will miss Ian. What a dilemma!

I can use any healing energy anyone can spare. I'm on a mission! If anyone goes, steer clear of the short hacking brunette! LOL. I promise not to get close enough to Ian to spread my germs to him. Which will be really hard if I can actually get close enough to him!
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The Cult on Craig Ferguson - Why did I have to be sick and miss the taping? Grr 
04:56pm 25/02/2006
  OMG - I am sooooooo freakin' sick. Curses! *shakes my fist at the sky* My throat hurts so bad. I couldn't even sleep for longer than an hour without my clogged sinuses and searing throat pain waking me up.

Why is it that when you get sick no matter of liquid quenches that sticky thirst? Water, soda, tea nothing. I usually drink a lot of grape juice when I get sick. That's about the only thing that seems refreshing to me, but I am too weak to go to the store and get any, Blah.

The Cult were wonderful on Craig Ferguson. I love Craig Ferguson, he seemed like he was truly a Cult fan.

Ian looked amazing (well duh!), although he did look a little tired I thought. I wasn't sure how he would look, I had seen a picture that I thought was recent in which he had his head shaved. He still has the Jim Morrison mop going on though. Yay! (It amazes me how much he has started to look like Jim Morrison, ever since he began fronting the Doors, or Riders on the Storm, or whatever they are calling themselves these days.) Odd to see him with a little facial scruff though! Judy thought he looked like he had been drinking. (Well he was with Craig Ferguson, lol. That crazy Scot has got to have a bottle of something lying around. LOL) His voice sounded great, but his energy level did seemed really low. Maybe he was sick with what I have. Poor baby. Damn, I should've went, then I could follow him back to whereever he is staying and we could be sick together. *sighs - coughs*

Billy looked great too, even though he is again sporting another variation of the Marcie Darcie (from Married with Children) haircut. WTF? Billy, you are not a lesbian. Just grow it out long again, or stick to the spikes! Sheesh.

Oh, and they did Wildflower. That is what they opened with the first time I saw them. Nice.
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Los Angeles Cult show 3/7 -- for Pre-Sale tickets, click now 
01:08pm 01/02/2006
mood: excited

3/5 Morongo Casino Show on sale too but more expensive.

Still only Ian & Billy D confirmed in the press.
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oh man 
12:07pm 27/06/2005
  I finally got around to recording a cover, and I forgot to post it!!

Sorry folks. I = teh lame.

here it is:

It's the second song on the list.

enjoy. Feedback would be nice.
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12:46pm 23/10/2004
  I'm thinking about recording some Cult songs, as is my wont.

I'm thinking about doing Bangkok Rain, Sun King, Love Removal Machine, and War (The Process).

What says you people?
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08:31pm 09/10/2004
  So my friend, who got me into The Cult, said that I should get slapped for thinking that Ceremony was actually a decent album. He particularly didn't like the fact that I think Bangkok Rain is awesome.

Am I wrong here?
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03:59pm 17/09/2004
  whoever said The Goat album should have been shelved deserves to get shot in the face.  
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03:35pm 14/06/2004
mood: happy
I'm new to the community. Ian Astbury is one of my favorite singers of all time and has a very recognizable voice. Plus the Cult are just so fucking awesome.
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02:39am 30/04/2004
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please be awesome, and come to this event 
10:08am 12/04/2004

The Gallatin Arts Festival is officially opening today, and will continue onto sunday.  GAF is a student runned festival that features the works of several Gallatin students (that small alternative college found in NYU) in areas such as photography, film, dance, music (especially music), media, and visual arts.  A complete schedule is as follows.


Monday, 12 April 2004

Opening Reception and Presentation of 2004 GAF Awards for Distinguished Achievement in the Arts

Come join us for our exciting opening night celebration and the unveiling of our Visual Arts and Fashion exhibits!

Visual Arts and Fashion
7:00-10:00 p.m.
Gallery A, 12 Avenue A, NYC

Tuesday, 13 April 2004

Visual Arts Exhibition
3:00-5:00 p.m.
Gallery A, 12 Avenue A, NYC,

Master’s Thesis Showcase
7:30-11:00 p.m.
Wings Theatre, 154 Christopher Street, NYC

7:30-10:30 p.m.
Kimmel, 9th Floor, room 914

Wednesday, 14 April 2004

8:00-10:00 p.m.
Gallery A, Avenue A, NYC

Additional viewing for visual arts exhibition immediately following

Thursday, 15 April 2004

New Media
7:30-10:30 p.m.
715 Broadway, 12th Floor, Center for Advanced Technology

Friday, 16 April 2004

Spoken Word, Acoustic Music and Staged Reading
8:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.
Kimmel, 8th Floor, room 802
Shorin Performance Space

Open Mic to Follow -- Newly Accepted Gallatin Students Invited

Saturday, 17 April 2004

6:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.
Kimmel, 10th Floor,
Rosenthal Pavilion

Sunday, 18 April 2004

12:00-5:00 p.m.
Kimmel, 4th Floor
Lubin Auditorium

Closing Ceremony and Reception
6:00-7:30 p.m.
Kimmel, 4th Floor
Lubin Auditorium


make sure to come Saturday at 6:30 to see me play.  I shall be playing some very rokken music (and hope to see you there).  Plus, if you're lucky, you can be one of the four people who gets to play during our final song (16 full bars baby).  So come, and be awesome.


for more information, please visit here


thank you, that is all.

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02:09am 27/02/2004
mood: accomplished

i had one musical idea, and thus after pursuing it, recording it, mixing it, and ripping it, I have another original for you to listen to and rip apart. This has drums, bass, and everything, sans vocals. criticism please.


rok n' roll


note: This is the most derivitive song ever written.  Whoever can guess which songs some of these riffs are from (or most similar to) get a free cookie.

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09:52am 09/02/2004
mood: fuckin rok
so i joined a Cult community, and all i hear is about the doors.

no disrespect, but I want some fucking Cult.

Duffy for president (or vice with Kerry)
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Hello All! 
06:05pm 17/01/2004
mood: creative
I've just recently been exposed to The Cult/Ian Astbury and I'm entirely hooked! I've had a really hard time finding much Cult related material online and little or no Death Cult or Southern Death Cult stuff (wah), so it's good to find other people who are into them! :-)

Hopefully, I will soon be the proud new owner of the "Pure Cult" DVD (if the ebay seller ever ceases to be an asshole).

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04:36am 03/11/2003
  yo i am new.
and ian is one of my top 3 favorite vocalists.
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11:03pm 27/10/2003
mood: energetic
Let all the children kiss the stars before they sing the last song, I will give you even my body Marcuscrazeeeee......
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*Squeal, sigh, more squealing, more sighing* Presenting an evening with Ian Astbury, and the Doors! 
04:23am 19/07/2003
mood: enthralled
Ok, I'm too tired to post it all tonight, but I just have to say that I just came home from seeing one of my favorite bands that I never thought I'd get a chance to see, fronted by my all-time favorite singer - The Doors with Ian Astbury. *sigh, squeal* No one other than Ian could've pulled it off. It was absolutely a religious experience. To quote a very humourous fan that talked to me and Judy after the show, "Praise the Doors!" LOL. Ian was divine. Some might say that he emulated Jim Morrison... I say he channeled him. The show was amazing. They did just about everyone of my favorite songs, including The Changeling, People Are Strange, Five to One, Backdoor Man, Moonlight Drive, Crystal Ship, L.A. Woman, and many more. They came back and encored with Riders on the Storm!!! Then they did a second encore of Light My Fire, and then they said good night and left the stage. We were all still begging for more, but the house lights came on signaling that it was time to leave. Everyone started heading for the exits, when suddenly the crowd erupted into cheering again as Ray Manzerek appeared on stage, shouting into the microphone "You know what? I feel like doing one more song!" It was amazing. Everyone rushed the stage as the broke out with Soul Kitchen. I was just mesmerized!!! Afterwards I got us backstage and got to meet Ian for the 3rd time, he is such an angel. It was Judy's first time meeting him, and she was totally enthralled. He is such a beautiful delicious man. When I hugged him, I should have fucking grabbed a strand of his hair to save for when I am rich, so that I can have his DNA extracted from it and have him cloned, lol. Damn, I never remember when it comes down to it. Anyways, we talked for a bit and I asked him if anyone had ever approached him about writing his biography, and he said no. So I told him that I would be honored to do so. He seemed somewhat interested in it, he just hadn't thought of it before. He also had some interesting stuff to say about the Cult, that he would love to do another Cult album if it was just for the music, but not if it was just about the business. He did not seem particularly pleased with their decision to sign on with Atlantic records, and who can blame him? They did absolutely fucking nothing to push "Beyond Good and Evil", and their publicist was worthless. I suspect their management is about the same. All that aside, Ian looked better than he has in YEARS... He talked, acted, moved and looked very calm and relaxed, and he was in incredible shape. His beautiful green eyes had an absolute light in them, and his hair is growing out long again and was all wavy and shiny and lustrous. He looked and sounded absolutely divine, and his aura was just resonating and sprawling out all around him in a soft purplish/gold glow. The rest of the band were really fantastic as well. I would not have gone to see the Doors with anyone other than Ian attempting to fill Jim's shoes, and I told Ian that. I knew the show would be amazing, but I had no freakin' clue how fabulous it would be. And our seats were beyond fantastic. We were about 10 rows from stage, toward the right. The way the seating is situated at the Chronicle Pavillion in Concord, CA, the seats kind of arc around the stage. Judy and I both thought that our seats were going to be up in the upper rung section of seats which is behind the floor level. We were so damn thrilled when we gave the usher our ticket stubs to show us to our seats, and he turned around and started walking TOWARDS the stage instead of the second rung. It was fucking awesome. *squeal* I love Ian. I love the Doors. Tonight was heavenly. Why can't all nights be this fantastic? *sigh* Because then they wouldn't be so special I suppose...
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05:33am 03/07/2003

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ok last post about this 
09:46pm 08/12/2002
mood: amused
here is a better view of the cartoon shirt in question
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09:38pm 08/12/2002
mood: annoyed
hmmm..I tried to post the picture of charlie in my last post-but it didnt work for some reason.
here is the link to the characters page

look at it while you can-it may not stick around! (since death cult doesn't really fit that dude's image :( )
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